D&A Detect and Avoid RPAS NLR

Detect and Avoid

Up until now, the majority of unmanned aircraft were not required not been equipped with Detect and Avoid (D&A) equipment, but given the envisaged coastguard operations and the non-segregated environment in which they will be performed, on-board D&A capabilities are essential. As part of the AIRICA project, D&A equipment will be integrated based on experience from an earlier project performed at the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), where a range of D&A functions have been developed, implemented, tested and demonstrated.

ADS-B and Mode S

The RPA will be equipped with an ADS-B transponder for detecting and locating other aircraft. It will also be equipped with a combination of active systems capable of interrogating Mode S transponders. The signals will be processed on board the RPA, but will also be sent to the Remote Pilot Station (RPS). The Remote Pilot will approve the proposed evasive action, before it will be carried out by the RPAS (semi-automatic mode).